Hazrat Sayed Shah Nizamuddin Auliya Maqbul-e-ilahi Kalimi Chishty Aurangabadi

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299th Annual Urs Shareef
2nd July 2020 Till 5th July 2020

There were many disciples of Hazrat Nizamuddin Ayliya rh. According to "Fawad-E-Ziyai" there were 3 lakhs disciples and 300 kamil khulafas (learned spiritual successors to further spread the silsila)

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Fakhruddin Muhib un Nabi Delhvi RA.

Is resting towards the west of the ancient mosque [masjid-e-kohna],and to the east of the holy shrine of Hazrat Kaki RA. He was born in Aurangabad [now in Maharashtra]. His father Shaykh Nizamuddin Aurangabadi RA the caliph of Hazrat Shaykh Kalimullah Shahjahanabadi RA, took his newborn son to his Shaykh. Shaykh Kalimullah was very happy to see Shaykh Fakhruddin RA, out of his kurta make a kurta for the baby, and give the baby the name Maulana Fakhruddin. When this baby was seven, he saw the Prophet in his dream. The Prophet gave him five seeds of qahva. Surprisingly when he woke up in the morning, he had these five seeds in his fist. He immediately informed his father about the dream and this experience. He gave three seeds to his father and ate two himself. He started ascending the spiritual stages speedily and stayed in Delhi.

He attained the spiritual perfection, and became a prominent personality in Delhi. That building, which is now called Anglo Arabic Senior Secondary School, was Madrasa Ghaziuddin and was the center of great religious and spiritual learning in his time. He was the principal of the madrasa and was the authority in the shariat, tariqat, marifat and haqeeqat. Still, he was simple in dress and outlook. However, was so powerful spiritually that with a stare he was able to make person senseless. A person Maulvi Mukarram was his opponent due to the samaa. One day he came in the mehfil of samaa for the arguments.

Maulana Fakhruddin saw him with sharp staring eyes, and Maulvi Mukarram experienced the state of ecstasy on his heart and started dancing. He became the disciple [mureed] on the spot, abandoned the teaching profession, and started receiving the lessons in Sufism. One day he in the state of deep love in front of his murshid said,

marduman be beened rahzan e duniya va qassaab-e-aashiqaan Fakhruddin raa ke ba yak teer e nigaah ein maulvi muhtasib ra shaheed kard

(the men saw to the butcher of the lovers and decoit of the world Fakhruddin that he martyred this investigator maulvi with his sharp penetrating sight). Moreover, Maulana Fakhruddin was smiling while listening to these ecstatic words.

Another day Maulana Fakhruddin asked this mureed to teach the book on Arabic grammar meezaanussarf to a boy of primary level. Maulvi Mukarram though he was an expert on the subject found himself incapable of teaching the book and tried for two-three days. The third day the boy read zarab zaydin umran, and asked the teacher why zayd hit umar? Maulvi Mukarram said, "mashooqan deen aashiqan e be gunaah ra naa haq mee zanand", In the religion of the love, the lovers do not kill the beloved without reason. Then he threw away the book in a well. He also threw away his turban and started dancing in the state of ecstasy. His murshid asked the reason for the state of feelings. He replied, "agar mara bekusheed manzoorast wallah dimagh e taleem dahi na-daaram" If you want to kill me by God I have lost my mind to teach.

Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin RA is the great reformer [mujaddid] of the Nizamiya order. Almost every line of the Chishtiya-Nizamiya order in India-Pakistan-Bangladesh is greatly endowed and benefited by him. He tried to reform even the royal seat. Muhammad Shah was the king of his time. He had Hindus as well as Shias as his disciples. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Dehlavi once objected on this aspect and he had replied,

I take Hindus as my disciples for they enter the circle of the Unity [Vahdaniyat]. I take shias as my disciple for they abstain from the curse and melidiction [tabarra].

Nawab Nizamul-Mulk Ghaziuddin Khan Nazim of Hyderabad published a book on Maulana Fakhruddin RA. It is entitled Manaqib-e-Fakhriya. He writes,One day at the khanqah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Mahboob-e-Ilahi RA in a mehfil-e-samaa some of the sufi were in the state of ecstasy. One boy was also amongst them. By chance the qavval changed the seat and samaa stopped for sometime. At that time that boy was lying in the majlis silently. As the other attendants of the majlis paid attention to the boy they found him dead. Respiration had stopped and body was cold. Father of this boy was highly disturbed and he started crying and said:

Yak lab lal e tau sad jaan mni dehed
Khizr aasa aab e haywaan mi dehed
Murda gar baasham be aalam paak neest
Jaan be vasl e khweesh janaan mi dehed

Maulana Fakhruddin wrote many important books, risala ainulyaqeen, nizamul aqaid, andFakhrulhasan. He proved the meeting of Khwaja Hasan Basri RA with Hazrat Ali karamallah wajhu. He passed to his heavenly abode on 7 Jamadiuthani 1199 AH, in the reign of Shah Alam Thani.

He has a number of caliphs. Some of them are: Maulana Ziauddin RA [Chahar Darwaza, Jaypur], Shah Niyaz Ahmad RA[ Bareilly], Maulana Jamaluddin RA [Barreilly Gate, Rampur],Khwaja Noor Muhammad Suhail bin Hindal Muharvi RA, Meer Muhammadi RA [Maulana Imaduddin], Hazrat Ghulam Farid RA , Haji Lal Muhammad RA [Dargah Ameer Khusrao RA], Meer Muhammad Ali urf Meer Muhammadi Baydar Dehlavi [1209/1794 Agra], Muhammad Azeem Chishti [1222 AH between Khooni Darwaza and Kotla Feroze Shah],Syed Badeeuddin Shah,Maulvi Noorullah Shah,Maulvi Mukarram Shah, Hazrat Muhammad Ghauth RA [the grandson of Shaykh Kalimullah Shahjahanabadi RA], Mian Qutbuddin Sharqi RA, Maulvi Abdul Wahaab Bikaneri RA, Hafiz Sadullah Sahib, Haji Muhammad Wasil Sahib, Syed Mohammad Meer Saheb, Maulvi Azmatullah Saheb, Mian Ismatullah Saheb, Haji Ahmad Saheb, Shah Muhammad Azam Saheb.

Towards the east of the Holy shrine of Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin RA is the eternal resting place of Hazrat Bibi Sarah RA. There is a mosque, which is ancient, and a number of great Sufi saints of Delhi have been offering their prayers in this mosque. Adjacent to this Holy mosque in the southwest direction is the resting place of Shaykh Nizamuddin Abul Moeed RA who is resting with his pious mother Bibi Sarah RA.

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