Hazrat Sayed Shah Nizamuddin Auliya Maqbul-e-ilahi Kalimi Chishty Aurangabadi

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299th Annual Urs Shareef
2nd July 2020 Till 5th July 2020

Karamaat (Miracles)

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Rh was never in favour to show off or to popularizes the Karamaat i.e. miracles as the saying goes "whatever is there in veasel that only come out." Does without intention the miracle of Hazrat Rh were know to the people.

1. when Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya rh. Was at Sholapur at that time there was no rainfall at all in that area. The Governor of Sholapur, Mehandi Khan requested Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya rh. To pray for the rainfall and by the prayer of Hazrat rh. There was plenty of rainfall in that area.

2. Once a man came to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya rh. And enquired about the knowledge of Hazat rh. In sufism that is Faqiri. Hazrat rh. Does not responded to his question but when the man forced. Hazrat rh. Asked the man to first look himself into the mirror. Hazrat rh. Said one of his mureed to bring mirror for that man. When that person looked at the mirror he found that his face has change inhuman. Astonishing he asked Hazrat rh. For the reason of his changed face. To this Hazrat rh. Replied Allah has shown you what you are (by heart) the man was very impressed by Hazrat rh. And told that he know the method of Kimiya(making gold) which will flood your house with wealth i.e. gold. Then man took out one coconut of 52 tola i.e. 624 gms. And poured a bit of powder from the coconut in the melted copper. Thus changing it into gold. Hazrat rh. Smiled and said this method is too complicated, Allah Tallah has shown me a simple method. Hazrat rh. Asked that man to melt a little copper again. When the man melted the copper .

Hazrat rh. Spitted on the melted copper and it was changed to gold. The man asked Hazrat rh. That what trick is this to this Hazrat rh. Repled that it is the blessings of name of Allah. Hearing this the man humbly requested to Hazrat rh. To enroll himself in the muredains. One year later one day he asked Hazrat rh. That I have worked hard but still now I have not yet disclosed the hidden fact. To this Hazrat rh. Replied that you have not thrown that evil (Coconut) yet and order the man to throw the coconut in to well. Hazrat rh. Said a Fakir i.e. Spiritual man should be God bounding and should depend only on God by holding his Peer (spiritual preceptor). The man threw the coconut into the well and the same night he was revealed to what he was searching for.

3. A wife of a mureed was suffering from a disease leprosy due to which the body parts were decomposing. When the mureed was unable to cure his wife by consulting various Hakim (Doctors) he came to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Aurangabadi rh. And requested him to cure his wife. Hazrat rh. Was performing abulation (Wazu) at that time after the completion of wazu Hazrat rh. Asked the mureed to take the remaining water from the vessel and also the wet sand on which the Hazrat has performed wazu. Then Hazrat rh. Ask his mureed to make his wife drink few drops of water every day and the sand to apply on effected area. Within a week the wife of that mureed was cured from that disease.

Every morning the people suffering from various diseases used to come to Hazrat rh. Khanqah and Hazrat used to pray for them before Allah and the people get cured. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya rh. Put his saliva in the eyes of the person who were suffering from week eyesite and the eyesite used to get normal.

4. Nawab Quamruddin Ali Khan Nizamul Mulk Asif Jaha Awal when came to the deccan to conquer Hyderabad he had to face Mubbariz Khan the Subedar. Asif Jaha Awal came to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Aurangabadi rh. Khanqah and requested him to pray for his victory. Asif Jaha Awal said to Hazrat rh. That the enemy is more powerfull than him. Hazrat rh. Said that on Thursday you will get a Sandal colour print of hand on your tent (Khaima) And then you will be victorious.

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